Sunday, October 6, 2013

Newest Member of Our Family

Dave has been wanting a dog for a long time, and I kept saying we don't have room, or not now, or not when we have a small baby. Well even though we still don't have much room we decided to look anyway. 

A friend at Dave's work kept sending him a picture of a beautiful Alaskan Husky named Maverick. He said that he really wanted the kids to learn responsibility and experience the joys of having a dog, so let's just go look at Maverick. Well like most things once we got to the pet store we weren't leaving their with out a dog. They were having adoptions at the Layton Pet Smart, so we headed up there. as soon as they brought him out I was taken back by how  BIG he was. Dave held his leash for a good while and we tired to get to know him. As beautiful as he was we knew he was just too big for our house and family. We continued to look at some of the other dogs and let the kids look and pick which one they liked. After getting several dogs out and walking them around we finally got out "coconut". We were walking her around and the boys were sitting on the curb when Makay said "can we call her coconut because she's so brown with white paws?" Once he said that we knew she was the one. 

She is really mellow and has adjusted to our home wonderfully. The kids really love having her around and can't wait to get her out of her crate in the morning. I'm excited to her in in our family, and look forward to the fun times to come. 

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The Lambert Family said...

How fun! Dogs are way fun! They are a lot of work though. It's like having another kid. :)