Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Minivan mom

This may come as a shock to some of you, shoot it's even a little shocking to me, however, we have purchased a minivan. For a long time I was against having a minivan and swore I would never have one, well never say never. Now that I have 4 small children and I need to make my life easier and not harder, and that our beloved Durango has 194,000 miles on it we needed to make a decision on what kind of vehicle we would get next. 

I love having an SUV and I'm sure I will drive one again, but for now we needed a car that got good gas mileage, can seat 4 kids that could get in and out easily, and not be too expensive. After a lot of research we came to the conclusion that we would get a Toyota, or Honda minivan. It took a while for Dave and I to come to an agreement on price, year, and miles, but with us both compromising a little we were able to find what we wanted on KSL. I'm excited to have a new reliable car, and so are the kids, the older boys think "it's awesome" after riding in it for the first time.