Monday, June 11, 2012

Memorial Day 2

Mondays pictures were on a different cards, so we have another post. 

WE spent most of Monday at the cemetery, thankfully the wind had gone away and it was really nice. 

Playing games with cousins

Hunter and Jacey 

Fun with Parker

After a long and fun weekend they all fell asleep in the car

It was a great weekend with family, and there was no other place I would have rather been. 

P.S. the minivan rocks on road trips!!!

Memorial Day in Panguitch

Over memorial day we went to Panguitch to be near Dave's mom 

On Saturday morning we went up to the Lake and had a picnic with some of our cousins.

Tyler Fish 

After the picnic the boys enjoyed throwing sticks and rocks into the Lake

Dave's enjoying some popcorn on the way to Bryce canyon. 

In the late afternoon we went to Bryce Canyon with some more cousins. 

Larsen and his buddy


I'm not sure why the rest of these pictures are sideways, and I don't have the time to delete and re-post them.

Logan and Morgan have always had a special friendship

Taking a break

Love birds...ahh

Here's the map

Love this one

Monday, June 4, 2012

First Tooth, Chalk Art, and More

We have been so busy lately, so I will try to catch up in one post. 

 I can't resist taking pictures of Bailey in all her cute outfits. 

Makay's preschool had a field trip to the Aquarium, I decided to take Logan along
 Shark Tank


 Electric Eel

 Almost as long as an Anaconda 

 Sorry about the blurry

One day Logan said my tooth is kind of loose and was wiggling it. 

 By the next day he pulled it out by himself

 Love these kind of pictures, I think I have one with every kid doing this. 

 She's just too cute

 Snack time, you would think I could turn it the right way, but no

 Just something the boys and I made up one day

Makay had cowboy day at preschool

 So what one does times it by three and that's what happens at our house

Every year Bountiful does a chalk art competition, we like to go on Sunday evening and look at the fun pictures. 

 Whenever Makay wants to show you something he puts his arm out and says something like "look at these pretty flowers", so funny. 

 Makay loves to look at bailey, and show her off to anyone new, it's been so precious

Logan's school had a spring arts festival where they sang a bunch of songs. You can see his little face doing I'm a little tea pot.