Monday, December 12, 2011

Trimming the Tree

My kids are definitely in the Christmas spirit. they have been begging to put Christmas decorations and the tree since the day after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving weekend was so busy for us that I told Logan we would put the tree up next weekend, and trust me he asked everyday!

To try to keep them entertained during the week we spent one day making a Christmas chain, which I think every kid loves.

Here is part of our chain , once we made ours at home they both came home with their own from school, now we have three chains to help us countdown for Christmas.

Finally it was Saturday and time to put up the tree
Here's how Hunter spent most of the time

Logan was so excited and actually every helpful this year, his job was to hand the branches to Dave and I

Makay wanted to open all the ornaments and hand them to people to hang on the tree

Of course you have to put the star on first, and Logan insisted on having this job.

Even though Dave and I weren't quite in the Christmas spirit yet given everything that we have going on it was a lot of fun to put up the tree and some other decorations with the kids. It is so fun to see how excited the kids are about the whole Christmas season not just the presents, it also helps us as adults remember the joy of the season.

Temple Square

We decided to go to Temple square to see the lights the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we wanted to go before it got too cold. Even though there was a ton of people there, it actually wasn't too bad once we got away from the really busy places like the reflecting pool.



Dave took most of the pictures so I had to get one with him in it to document that he was there, guess it's a little dark.

Dave took this beautiful picture

They had lots of nativities for different countries all over, it was neat to see how they were painted.

Here's how Hunter spent most of the night

This color was one of my favorites, mostly because you don't see it a lot.

We met up with Grandma and Grandpa Richards

We had a lot of fun going to temple square and seeing the lights, it always helps us get into the Christmas spirit.