Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snow Day, Finally!

It finally snowed! I'm certainly not complaining about the mild winter we have been enjoying, but It was nice to see a little bit of snow last week. The boys of course were so excited and wanted to rush right out and make a snowman. Sadly there wasn't enough for that.

They are all ready, they were so excited!

Even Hunter wanted to go outside, it was a little hard for him to walk, but he still had fun.

Everybody helping shovel.

Makay trying to sled down the walk way

Logan had it down, he pretty much spent the whole time doing that.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 Portraits of the Boys


Finally got the boys pictures taken

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby Update

We have had a series of appointments this week, the first one was with Dr. Porter the ultrasound doctor to check her growth. He said everything looked great, she was measuring 3lb. 10 oz approximately, I will have 1 more ultrasound in 4 weeks, the doc was very encouraged that she was right on track for 32 weeks.

The next appointment was with my regular ob Dr. Loewen, we originally though we would have her on March 29th which would put me at 38 weeks, but the ultrasound doctor wanted us to wait till I was 39 weeks so we are tentatively looking at Tuesday April 3rd up at the U of U hospital. As long as everything goes well with delivery I will not have to have a c-section, and should be able to deliver normally.

Our third appointment was with Dr. McCandles the cardiologist for our final fetal echo-cardiogram. There were some new developments, before there was just a little narrowing in part of the aortic arch, but that has now progressed to the whole length of the aortic arch is narrow. What is means is that they will now have to open up her chest through the sternum and repair the arch that way. The other concern is that the aortic valve is narrow as well, the way this is fixed is by inserting a cathader with a balloon on the end and then they inflate the balloon to widen the aorta, and then remove the cathader. They are not sure if they are going to do this surgery they will have to wait until she's born to see how the blood flows and if it is being limited by the narrowness of the aorta. The doctor assured us that this surgery is not high risk, and that these are both "easy" problems to fix. We feel confident that she will be in good hands and the Lord will be watching over her.

We also took a tour of Primary Children's (PC) hospital and the tentative plan is as follows We will have the baby at the U and with in the first few hours she will be taken next door to PC and stay in the cardiac ICU, she will have a IV put that will allow the blood to flow to pass by the narrow part until she has the surgery with in her first week of life. Once she is born they will do a echo-cardiogram on her and measure the blood flow to make sure they are as prepared as possible. After the surgery she will stay in the cardiac ICU for at least a week then move to a regular hospital room for another week. Provided she eats well and has no complications we will be able to leave after the two weeks post surgery.

Sorry I know this is a long, but we wanted to give you all the details. Thanks for all your love and support.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ann's Burial in Panguitch

Saturday morning we packed up and headed down to Panguitch to bury Dave's mom.

We really liked the white casket, it's so pretty

Everyone took a rose off the top to save

I love this picture, Grandpa is tenderly touching the casket, so sweet.

Rob & Dave
All the siblings with their darling mother

Now all the outlaws

The whole Kay and Ann Richards family

Each grandchild got a balloon and all at the same time they released them and said good-bye to Grandma

Dave saying good-bye as we were heading out of town.

The burial was nice, and it was also comforting to have the whole family there, we all stayed the night and spent time together after the burial.