Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No red meat =...

Well let me just start by saying I have not felt much like my self physically since Hunter was born. The first few month were tricky due to the hemorrhaging, I wasn't too tired, but I also didn't feel quite right. Then of course we have the appendix right before Thanksgiving. Again I seemed to recover fine, but every time I would try to workout I had no energy, and didn't feel like I could give enough. I did try to keep in mind that my baby was only a few months old, but I also remember after Makay I bounced right back. As the end of the year was approaching, and the end of the Holidays more importantly, I was looking forward to being slightly less busy and able to have a better schedule.
January comes and I'm feeling some what better, but still not great. My workout routines are erratic at best, and with the intensity I want. I'm not sure what's wrong. on Monday February 7th I give another go, do a pretty easy run at a pretty easy pace, then do some ab exercises and call it a day. After that I get the kids and we head to Costco. I feel fine driving, but once I unload everybody and make our way into the store I'm feeling pretty light headed and very weak. I continue to get my groceries, because I don't want to come back, but also continue to feel terrible. I finally make it to the bathroom and feel a little better. Once I start checking out it comes back and now I am seeing mostly black with silhouettes of people. I decided to order a smoothie and sit down and take a break. I sat there for at least an hour before I felt o.k. enought to drive home. Anyway long story short, I felt weak and bad all week and on Friday had another lightheadedness spell after the shower. So I finally called the Doctor and got some blood drawn.
Yesterday the results were in and I was right on the borderline of being anemic, with low iron and vit-B12. So for now I am going to start taking an iron and B12 supplement and increase iron in my diet and retest in a month. I'm glad it's something that can be fixed some what easily, and I hope that the results will be more favorable next month. Now I know that this is not all due to the lack of red meat consumption on my part, but that certainly doesn't help. I can't say I never eat it, but it is never my first choice. And the saddest part is now that in-n-out is finally here in Utah, I have felt sick the last few times I have eaten it.
Hopefully taking the supplements will give me more energy and help me get back to a good exercise routine.