Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who Needs an Appendix?

So on Thursday afternoon around 3:00pm I and some cramping in my stomach, mostly feeling like I needed to pass gas. My friend Elizabeth and I were at kangaroo zoo letting the kids play, it wasn't too bad there since I was doing a lot of sitting, but once we got up, loaded the kids in the car, got back to my house and unloaded the kids I could barely walk. Elizabeth had to make dinner, when Dave got home we ate I felt a little bit better, but not great. We were all sitting around visiting, but the pain was getting worse. I wasn't sure if I had eaten something bad for lunch and it was just working it's way out or if it was something bad. Around 10:20 I decided I should go to the hospital. I wasn't doubled over in pain, but I knew the pain was not going to go away, and Elizabeth was still there, so I would rather go now, then wait for it to get unbearable and have to call someone to come over at 2 am. So she took me to the hospital while Dave stayed home with hers and our kids.

Once we got to the ER we got right back to the room and they gave me some morphine for the pain, started an IV and drew some blood. The test came back and everything looked good, which kept the Doctors a little puzzled. My pain was now isolated down toward the right ovary area, however since my white blood count was normal they didn't immediately diagnose it has an appendicitis. I was then taken to have an ultrasound to see if it was an ovarian cyst. Did that and everything looked great, which was good, but yet still no solid explanation. By this time the pain was getting a little bit worse and more isolated. So the ER doc called the surgeon and told him to admit me and they would recheck my white blood count in the morning.

I finally get all moved up to the room and admitted at 4:30 AM. I get to sleep until 6:00am until they come and draw my blood, by this time I couldn't really go back to sleep because of the pain and being so uncomfortable. The test come back and my white blood count is up which means infection. So the surgeon comes in at 10:00 am and says he will get me in soon. Dave comes around 11:15 am while Elizabeth stays home with the kids. He gives me a blessing and I get taken down to get prepped at 12:00 pm, I say good bye to Dave and am in the OR by 12:30pm. the next thing I know is I'm waking up in the recovery room at 2 pm. The rest of the day is spent falling asleep and talking to people on the phone to explain the whole story.

Saturday morning I had to get my last bag on antibiotics and the I could be discharged and go home. The surgeon came in and said my appendix was about 2 hours away from rupturing, but because my colon was laying on top on my appendix is why it took so long for my white blood count was took a while to raise and why I didn't have a fever. He also did the operation through my belly button and made two other tiny incisions so that I won't have a huge scar on my stomach.

Now I am back at home and my wonderful husband as been taking care of me and the kids, he's amazing! I am thankful that everything turned well, and that it got taken out before it ruptured. After all that has happen during Hunter's birth and now, I hope we have a less eventful three months.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween Fun

Well since it has been forever since I have posted get ready for Halloween picture overload. I will try to be better about posting more often, but to be honest that depends mostly on what my three little monkeys are doing at the time. We had a lot of fun this Halloween, Logan LOVES Halloween so much, he can't get enough of it, and Makay joins right in on the fun. It is so awesome to see how they interact and treat each other. They may fight, a lot, but the love each other so much too.

The master carver! We carved pumpkins for FHE and Dave did great, the boys lasted about 10 minutes, they were not that into the carving, but sure enjoyed them once the were lit up.

I did this one

Dave did the other three

My sister came into town the Tuesday before Halloween so we decided to go to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. Despite it being cold it was a lot of fun and lots to do for adults and kids. We might make this a yearly tradition. We didn't due the corn maze, 1) because we have very small children and would have probably been there all night, 2) because I had to get to the gym that night. Maybe we will try the maze next year.

The huge jumping pillows

Dave and Logan jumping


They put some plastic ducks in those troughs and when you pumped the water it would push the duck to the end. The kids loved it.

Duck Races

Entering the Haunted Creature, it was a little scary, but I'm a wuss.

They had these tractor bike type things that were actually kind of hard to pedal, but Hunter and I finished. It was really fun to race my sister.

Kristina beat me fair and square, lame

The funniest part of this was Logan was to big to have his feet down so he had to have them on top of Dave's legs and they were flying up and down when Dave pedaled.

Happy Family

Here's how Hunter spent most of the day, bundled up and close to mom, it was a little chilly.

Here's my little pumpkin in all the pumpkins

Logan in his Halloween parade for school

Logan and his buddy Sam at Pre-school

We got all dressed up and trick -or-treated at Dave's work, his work is really into it, everybody dresses up and they have a party.

Sadly this is the only picture we have of Hunter in his costume

Dave was Wolverine

Napoleon and Deb, "Do you want to buy a boondoggle?" It's a little scary how close the resemblance is.

Of course we ended the week with Trick-or-Treating, despite the cold weather

Our niece Morgan and the boys, we had fun going around her neighborhood.