Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Camping in 40 degrees

 Before the really cold weather hit we decided to go camping for one last time. We headed up little cottonwood canyon with The Hansen's. 

 Here's how Bailey stayed warm, bundled by the fire. 

 When your in the woods you don't need to bring fire wood. Dave and Danny took turns cutting this tree for fire wood. 

 Between the two families we have 10 kids! Here they are in age order. 

 Playing in their secret hide out. 

This was one of the main reasons we wanted to go camping. 
 We sold our 4-wheeler and bought this AWESOME tent trailer. 

 Here's where the older boys slept. 

 The babies and Dave and I slept here. Now that we have this, not sure I want to tent camp anymore. 

 Hunter is such a camper, he loves it. 

I walked in on Hunty "reading" to Bailey one morning

Love her chubby cheeks!!!