Monday, March 23, 2009

What a good helper

Logan was nice enough to give Makay all of these cookies when I asked him if he could give his brother another one.

Logan was also a nice enough that when Makay came over and begged for some yogurt Logan gladly shared.

I'm not sure what I would do with out my little helper, it's moments like these that having two is more fun then one.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I want a road bike

Just some random thoughts for all of you. As most of you know I have a done a couple of triathlons and I love them. I think they are so fun and they give me something to work out for. Well the triathlon (tri) season is upon us and I want to join with full force, the only problem is I don't have a road bike. I did my first tri. with my mountain bike, boy did that suck, then I did the other with my friend Kristen's road bike. What a difference a bike makes. The delemia now is to buy or not to buy? Tomorrow Canyon Bicycles is having their huge, annual sale, and last season bikes are getting sold for a good price. Well a good price for a road bike is $1000, roughly. However, last year my friend got her's $700 normally $ 1400. I know this is a lot of money for a bike, but I look at it as an investment. Tri's are something I am going to do for a long time so if I buy a good bike and keep it in good condition it will last me a long time. My problem is the frugal part of me pipes in and says, are you crazy that's way to much money. Then the competitive health nut says, what's more important then your health. Any suggesstions on what to do??? I need help!