Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Fun

I can't believe that it's already the middle of July! The summer really does fly by, here are some of the fun things that we have been doing over the summer.

We went to play in the fountains at the Gateway, it was a lot of fun. Since it wasn't too hot the fountains were a little cold so the boys didn't really spend too much time in the water.

Logan covering up one of the holes

This is about as close as Makay got to the water, he loves water, but wasn't too sure about the fountain.

Taking a break and sharing an apple.

Here are my cute boys on the 4th of July

We went to the bees game on July 5th and it was a lot of fun! When we got there it was pretty hot, so the boys found some shade provided by the light pole. If Logan is sitting down Makay will always plop down right next to him, so cute!

Rolling down the hill, this nice open grass was quickly covered up by many, many blankets, and people.

A lady with her two kids squeezed herself in between us and another family practically on top of our blanket. I was really annoyed at first, but it turned out to be nice because then the kids played during the last 2 innings. My boys are so social they pretty much make friends anywhere, wonder where they get that from?

We got this sand box from Dave's parents and the boys have enjoyed it so far. It's not very big, but the seem to be loving it.

Makay made a friend at the Centerville parade on July 3rd. They spend a while running around in circles.

Logan on on of those bouncy slides, but this one had water on it. Sorry it's blurry.

Makay down the slide at the park on July 3rd

On July 3rd we went to the Centerville Parade and our friend's band was also playing after at the park/ carnival thing they had. It was fun and all the booths were really cheap, so we might make that a tradition.

We have a few more summer adventures planned and then it's time to start getting ready for the baby.