Monday, February 22, 2010

The Best $ 46.79 I ever spent...

For some time I have wanted a new vacuum. I even tried to convince Dave to get me one for Christmas and I promise I wouldn't be mad because it's what I wanted. So I went shopping around to find the one I thought was the best, for the best value. Of course in my dreams I would love a Dyson, but spending $ 300 + on a vacuum isn't really in the budget. So I looked around for what had Dyson type features, but wasn't so expensive. After searching and really thinking about it I found the Bissell Power Force, and it was only $ 46.79 at Walmart. Now this was a price I could handle. When I got home on Saturday I spent an hour vacuuming the living room, I talking under the couches, behind the entertainment center, along the edge of the wall and carpet. It was fantastic! I told Dave this was the best $ 46.79 I ever spent. Now keep in mind this is the first NEW vacuum I have ever had, we never had a new vacuum with attachments growing up (sad I know), and we didn't buy one when we got married. I have only had hand me down, mediocre vacuums till now. I finished up vacuuming the rest of my house today, with the same intensity and excitement. So if any of you need a great vacuum go for the Bissell Power Force, it's AWESOME!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Totally Disgusted

Well today Makay and I were enjoying some one on one time while Logan was at school so we decided to go to Paradise Cafe for lunch. We just happen to be sitting be the drink area and as we were eating I notice three moms with their three boys who were about Logan's age, (maybe younger I later noticed one was still in diapers). At first I thought how nice a little lunch date, then in my nosiness I was watching what the mom's were getting their kids to drink, just out of pure curiosity. To my shock and disgust they all got their boys orange fanta full to the top. Now I know this is not really any of my business what those mom's are giving their children to drink, but for some reason this got me so fired up, because I see this all the time, lots of places, this time I decided I wanted to post about it.

The reason it gets me so mad is because it seems in our American culture that kids are kids and they shouldn't have to "eat healthy", or worry about what they are eating. I don't think we should make kids preoccupied with fat content or calories, but we should teach them that certain things are better to eat then other things, and eating a candy, cookie, or some other sweet is fine every once in a while, but not all the time. It is so important for kids to learn healthy habits when they are young so that when the do become adults and (as we have all seen) it is not as easy to eat what we want and look great as it was when we were 16. As most of us are entering our 30's and having children we realize that you have to be more responsible fort what you put in your body. As parents WE are responsible for what goes in our children's mouths. And if they learn healthy habits when they are young it will not be as hard for them to eat that way when they are in our shoes.

As we all know obesity is a big problem in the U.S. and I 100% believe that the majority of the adult population that is obese today did not eat healthy as children. I really feel strongly about this (as you can tell). Children by nature are going to want to eat things that are sweet, but just because they want it doesn't mean they should have it when ever they want, that's what parents are for. Just as much as we are worried about protecting the outside of our children's bodies with sunblock, we need to be concerned about protecting the inside of them as well. All of the extra additives that are in the food these days, and of course all the chemicals in soda, are not good for our body. It is not designed to digest those chemicals, so they end up just staying in our bodies and build up plaque on our arterial walls, which decreases blood flow, and can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many other things. I know these things seems like stuff that happen to other people and not us, but guess what? We are becoming the next generation of adults, and as some of the guys have noticed your metabolism starts to slow down at 30, for women it's about 35. Taking care of yourself is a REAL job, why not give out kids an easier time by teaching them when they are young.

My hope was not to offend anybody, it was to get this of my chest and share my thoughts about helping our kids and ourselves be healthy, if we don't teach them, who will?

Monday, February 8, 2010