Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 09

Here's Logan Christmas Eve, he wore the hat to dinner with Gma and Gpa and didn't wnat to take if off. So cute!

Getting ready to open Christmas Eve presents

What could it be?

Matching pj's of course, they also get to open their ornament representing something they have done, or really enjoyed that year. Logan-preschool, Makay- oven mitt that says "Love to cook", Shawna- road bike, Dave- 4-wheeler.

Makay's pile

Logan's Pile

Shawna's Pile

Dave's Pile

Makay playing with his new pots.

We ended up taking more video then we did pictures that morning, as you can see. I really wanted to hear Logan's reaction, unfortunately our video camera is old school and can't be put on the computer. Oh well.

Later Christmas night we went to see the lights at temple square, as you can see by our attire it was freezing. We were there for about 45 minutes, which was plenty of time to quickly walk around and let the boys enjoy the lights and get back to the car with losing any limbs.

It was a wonderful Christmas this year, Logan finally got the Santa concept and ran right to bed when we said it's time for bed and then Santa is coming, once he laid down he said "I love this season." Dave and I just laughed. Makay followed Logan's lead most of the day, and they were so cute together. I was so excited on Christmas morning to see the boys reaction, and wasn't thinking "what was I getting?"

We also had a great time explain the nativity to the boys for family night. Although we love presents we love our Savior Jesus Christ more. We are so thankful for his sacrifice and everlasting love for all of us. May we remember him always.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Logan's Pre-School Christmas Program

Logan and his buddy Jack getting ready to march like toy soldiers.

Each child had a chance in the spotlight and the teacher's read what the children told them they wanted for Christmas. Here's what Logan said, "Logan wants a big red truck for Christmas, and his Mom wants new running shoes, and Dad wants a basketball and golf passes". I almost fell over, I guess he's paying attention to what we've been putting on our lists.

Taking a break in between songs

Logan singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Logan was the sheep in the nativity, but he didn't like wearing the mask

Santa made an appearance at the end of the program and Logan asked for a BIG red truck
This Christmas program was so darling. Normally Logan hates to sing and never does it, but he did pretty good at the program. I have been so pleased with all the fun things Logan has been doing at pre-school, he is getting to experience so many great activities. I am so thankful for the opportunity for Logan to go to school.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Who Am I ??

This post is inspired by my good friend Marci. She posted on her blog about who she is and asked all that read 'who are you?' I wanted to treat this as a tag. So if you read this you're tagged and you need to tell us who you are on your own blog.

Who Am I ? What a loaded question, as I sit here and think it's hard to not list of titles like, wife, mother, friend, daughter, trainer, etc. Although I am all those things I think we need to go deeper, what makes me tick, what is my driving force, what am I passionate about. For now I will address the first thing that comes to mind.

I'm a woman that is passionate about sports and exercise. I know this isn't a shock to most people, but here's a little background on why. For as long as I remember I have loved playing and watching sports, I played flag football at 5 yrs. old, then on to t-ball, soccer, track, cross country, and swimming. I have not always been the best at all of these endeavors, but I have always enjoyed it. After high school and the constant practicing and competing I took a little break, it wasn't til after having Logan that I got back into it. As we all know when you get pregnant you gain weight, and after you have the baby it's not always as easy as we hope to lose the weight. My goal after Logan was to get back into shape, I didn't have an exact number in mind, but mostly just wanted to fit back into my pre-baby clothes. So I decided to train for a triathlon and play soccer on an outdoor team. With these new developments I was feeling rejuvenated, I felt a zest for life back.

As life goes on we had baby #2 Makay. And as life got busier, but again I found my self going back to 5 k races, triathlons and soccer. As Dave and I like to say I got bitten by the tri bug. I don't really know why I love to train, compete, and race so much but I do. What I do know is that training, competing and racing gives me an opportunity to have me time, it gives me time to reflect on a day good/bad, reflect on things in my life, just time. Which can be hard to find as a mom, wife, housekeeper.

I encourgae all woman to find what gives them their zest for life back, whatever it might be. There are many other facets of who I am, but I will save them for another post, as I have rambled long enough. Lastly, ladies please find out who you are? You deserve it, deserve to feel a zest for life, not just be living.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pictures like these

So We had our ward Christmas party on Friday and after dinner there was a visit from good old St. Nick. The kids were all lined up and signing songs with Santa, so I was standing up there with Logan and holding Makay. After the singing they made their way into the Relief Society room for a photo opp. Please enjoy the series of events.

Here's Makay giving Santa a skeptical look.

Now shying away from a nice hello

Last, pure terror! Why is this strange man holding me?

Call me crazy, but I really like this picture, I think everybody needs at least one of picture of their kids screaming with Santa.