Thursday, January 27, 2011

Diapers for one!

Hooray! Makay is going on the potty. On Sunday after church the boys were running around with out their clothes on. So I asked Makay if he wanted to wear underwear, and so he did. After a little reminding he went pee on the potty multiple times. He was so proud. So he has been wearing underwear all week and has done a great job going on the potty. Although he refuses to sit on the small potty, oh well.

I'm also super excited to only have to buy diapers for one kid. When Makay was born we bought diapers for two kids for over a year. Glad that is not the case this time.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is This Normal???

Logan must be growing or something, almost everyday this is how the story goes around lunch time.

I make him a full PB& J sand-which on some pretty dense 100% whole grain bread, he also has some sort of fruit, cheese stick or glass of milk, and something crunchy (cheddar bunnies, or rice cakes). I think this a lot of food for a 5 year old. I try to mix up what I feed him so it's not the same thing everyday, but it doesn't matter. And a sand-which seems to fill him up the most.

It doesn't seem to matter what I do when he's done he says he's still hungry. What in the world. At this point I usually tell him he has to drink a full glass of water before he can have anything else to eat, because I think he's probably thirsty and not hungry. And since he doesn't like water that much he stops asking. (If I really thought he was hungry I would give him more food). Any suggestions

I guess it's true boys will eat you out house and home, what am I going to do when my three boys are teenagers? Live at Costco I guess.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Three days before Christmas we went to the Maaco Bowl game in Las Vegas with our friends The Lambert's and no kids. Thanks to my awesome sister-in-law and her family for watching our kiddos.
We had so much fun! It started with a hilarious drive down with all four of us signing/screaming at the top of our lungs some of the best power ballads from the 90's. Great CD Kim, I need a copy.
Then when we got to the Hotel and were checking in we saw the football players walking out of the lobby, so Kim and I ran over and gave them high-fives as they were walking out. I was too busy being excited that I didn't get my camera out, Kim has the pictures. We saw The Kruger brothers Jordan Wynn, Coach Wittingham, and got a picture with Matt Asiata. It was awesome!

The game was still fun even though we lost, and it was so exciting to be there with so many other die hard Utah fans. This is certainly something we will do again.

The team heading back into the locker room after warming up.

A Little naughty, oh well you know the saying, "What happens in Vegas..."

Here's Dave's spread at the Rio's Carnival World Buffet.

Dave and Jason in front of the World Series of Poker room at the Rio that they show on ESPN

Here's the view from our room, not too shabby huh.

The Planet Hollywood was really fun to stay at, and the rooms were pretty sweet as well.

Aww, the love birds at Ceasar's Palace

Pretty cool shot right, it almost feels like we are really in Paris

Dave kept yelling Peter out the window until Spider-man turned around, it was pretty funny.

Since there was some crazy raining and flooding in Southern Utah Dave had to pull of the road at 60 mph to take this shot. Never mind that I was sleeping, and he almost sent us off the edge to get the picture. It was worth it. "River shot"

It took us 7 1/2 hours to get home, due to some stopping and the time change. So here's Dave trying to entertain himself, and us as well.

We also hit up the Planet Hollywood Breakfast buffet, and it was sooooooo good. We stayed so long that they started bringing out lunch, which the guys totally took advantage of. Dave didn't feel like eating again until the next day, at lunch. Good times.

This was the first time we had been away from our kids since Makay was born (not because I'm a sappy mom that doesn't want to leave her kids, more because Makay was a hard baby and tiny toddler). It was so great to spend time with my Husband! And much needed.

Thanks to Jason and Kim for driving and taking care of all the reservations, we definitely need to do it again. Double Rainbow forever!!