Sunday, March 20, 2011

What Makay ???

This brochure for The Children Place was sitting on the bed and Makay picked it up looked at it and said "There's me and there's Logan". I just started laughing so hard. He is the funniest kid ever!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Best Field Trip Ever!!!

Today we went on the BEST field trip with Logan's Pre-school. One of his teachers works at the U ushering for football and basketball games, so we took the front runner, then trax up to the U and were able to go down on the football field. Needless to say I was super excited when I heard this, and I made sure we were all decked out in our gear. The boys were mostly excited to ride the train, and just run around, I was mostly excited about getting on the field.

Waiting for the train, and not very happy about it

On the front runner


I'm way more excited then the boys

Both Am and Pm classes and some of the siblings

50 yard line baby!

Practicing our 3-point stance

I'm awesome!

We're #1

He's so excited

Makay enjoying "the game"

Zak, Sam, and Logan

We finally started heading back around 11:00 am, but after waiting for both trains we didn't get back to the Woods Cross station until 12:30, and we started at 9:00 am. It was super fun, but also super tiring. It was also nice to spend time with my older boys, and have a little mommy/son date.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Six month stats, and other news

Today Hunter had his 6 month check up and he is normally the most content and mellow baby I have ever met (thank you). However, this week he got his second ear infection in two months, so we have been to the doctor every month since he's been born. It might be due to the fact that we have all been a bit sick. The last two weeks the boys had thrown up only after they have had milk, we thought that was interesting, first it was Makay, then Logan. So we have been off cow's milk for almost three weeks and the boys love it. We did almond milk first which we all like, but since it is so expensive (even on sale and w/coupons) we are trying out rice milk to see what we think, since we can buy it from Costco. This week I was in bed all day on Wednesday with a terrible head-body ache, and Dave came home from work because his head was spinning. The aches are gone for me today but I am still not 100% and after Dave drank some emergenC he felt great this morning. Clearly something is going around our house, and I'm sure the gym where the boys and I have been a ton lately. Having lots of clients his great $$, but not great if we are all getting sick.

Hopefully spring and warm weather will come soon and we can all get feeling better. On to the stats:

6 months:
Wt: 14.2
Ht: 27
Head: 43.5

4 months:
Wt: 12.12
Ht: 24.5
Head: 42

2 months:
Wt: 8.9
Ht: 21.75
Head: 38.5

2 weeks
Wt: 5.11
Ht: 20
Head 34.75

Wt: 5.4
Ht: 20

Although he had a slow start he is gaining weight nicely, and developing some rolls on his legs and chin. He is also doing the normal six month stuff, rolling, almost sitting by himself, grabbing things around him, and eating anything we offer him (just like his brothers). Sure he's not the biggest kid, but none of my boys are. We are just so happy that he is healthy and in our family.