Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Baby is 1!

I can't believe Bailey is 1! In some ways it has gone by fast and in other ways I feel like I don't even remember last year, either way it's here. 

She is such a mellow, happy, and HEALTHY baby. Here first year is different then we expected, but we are so happy that she hasn't had any problems. 

 One of her first pictures

 Her first bow!

As she got more mobile her and Hunter have become great friends 

We celebrated with just our family on her actual birthday, and the boys were so excited to give her the presents. Next Sunday we will have a family party. 

If there is one thing Bailey loves to do it is to EAT! Bailey will eat just about anything you give her and she will eat a lot of it. why would cake be any different? 

She pretty much ate this whole piece, which would explain all her rolls and chubby cheeks. We love her to bits and are so glad that she's in our family.