Monday, September 17, 2012

End of Summer and Other Updates

Summer has finally come to an end, which is good and bad. The good, is that Logan will be in 1st grade. He was definitely getting bored, and was ready to see all his school friends again. Makay will also be in pre-school 3 days a week from 1-3:30pm. I was first a little worried about the late time, but it will be nice because that is when the babies are sleeping, so it will be nice and quiet at my house. 

The only bad thing about school starting is no more lazy mornings, and sitting around the house for a couple of hours. We have to get up pack lunch, get dressed and get out the door. After a couple of weeks I'm sure we'll all be used to it. 

Anyway, here are some pictures of what life was like at our house those last few weeks. 

 Here's Hunty wearing Logan's helmet and riding Makay's bike. This little guy is very determined and does not let anything stand in his way. 

 What Bailey does best, sit there and look cute, while her brothers act crazy! 

 Everyone watching the garbage truck, so exciting. 

 Playing transformers on the tramp with a neighbor. 

 Hunty climbed into Bailey's swing all by himself. 

So lately I was feeling like I was doing way too many chores around the house and decided that it was time for the boys to have another chore. 
 they have a pretty good system down and do a good job. Even Hunty, he does the silverware.

 Logan got a science kit for his birthday. They are making glow-in-the-dark picutres.

 Hunty trying to get Bailey to look in the mirror. 

 Hunter thought it would be funny to wear my bottoms around the house. 

 Bailey all ready to go camping at the spruces (sorry no pictures)

First day of school picture! 
 They were both so excited that day and woke up early. As soon as Makay woke up he got dressed got his backpack and got in the car. We still had 20 minutes before we had to leave, and the saddest part was that he didn't start preschool til the next week. He kept asking why he couldn't go to school that day. 

 Sometimes eating make you tired. 

Lastly, the cUTESt kids ever!!!!