Wednesday, July 11, 2012

End of May, June, Beginning of July

So as it turns out having baby number 4 at the end of the school year has put the blogging and many other things on hold, so here are some pictures of what we have been up to. 

 Here's Logan with his three best buddies at school, Reed, Logan, Sam, and Jacob

 Mrs. Jenkins, such a great teacher. 

We had Bailey's blessing in June and it was amazing. Dave did a great job, and it's always nice to have the support of family. 

We had a 90's party with our friend's the Lambert's so Dave shaved his head into a Mohawk for his outfit. The next day we did the boys hair as well, I loved it. 

We also went to the zoo on the first Saturday that the new Rocky Shores exhibit opened (unintentionally) 

 Love this one

 Such cuties 

 This is what I found one morning when I walked into Hunter and Bailey's room, they love their sister. 

 Another cute outfit (H&M)

 All her brothers taking care of her. 

 Makay is my best helper, he loves to feed her, talk to her, and help her stop crying. 

We also went to the zoo with our cousin Morgan, it wasn't quite as busy this time. 

Hunter broke his arm falling off our bed, luckily it's not a bad break, he got a hard cast and gets it off in three weeks. 

 In July our good friends Steve and Becky Deverall blessed their baby girl 
 Dave and his little girl 

 Steve and Dave have been friends since high school and their birthdays are only 7 days apart. 

 What even more fun is that Brielle and Bailey are only 10 hours apart. Bailey was born on 4/3 at 2:15 pm, and Brielle was born on 4/4 at 12:01 am 

 We couldn't resist getting a picture of them together

On 4th of July we went down to city creek to walk around and check out the new fountains

I will try to post more often, but I can't promise anything.