Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Makay's Birthday

I can't believe my little Makay is not so little anymore, he's 5!!!

 Birthday- 6 lbs 7 oz 18 1/2 inches 

 At 1 he was quite the climber and loved trying to keep up with his brother

 At 2 he loved to eat, and of course lighting McQueen 

 By 3 he was talking our ear off, and found his love for trains

 At 4 he become a little more shy, and likes to play "lonely". 

 At 5 he definitely knows what he like and doesn't like. This is how he spends most of the winter days, he does not like the cold, just like his mom. 

 He is my best helper with Bailey, and by for the most loving towards Dave and I

 Not sure what happen here, but I guess when your tired you'll sleep anywhere. 

Since Makay's birthday is on 12/28 we decided not to do a party this year, but it turned out we were all super sick on his actual birthday. 
 We all spent most of the day in our p.j.'s 

 trying to force a smile even though he felt awful. 

Almost 3 weeks later we were all better and had an available weekend to go to Chuck E Cheeses

 Here's the conversation as we pulled up; Logan: "Chuck E Cheese" I have always wanted to come here", Makay: "That's why I picked here, it's where a kid can be a kid". He is always surprising us with the things he says. 

We love you Makay and are so glad you are in our family!!!!!